Preventing blocked drains the earth friendly way

June 5th, 2013.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or in this case – an ounce of enzyme is worth a pound of caustic soda; or a hundred bucks spent on a plumber.

Some Assembly Required

May 23rd, 2013.

The “IKEA effect” is a term coined describing the phenomena where people place more value on something they have constructed themselves – even if that construction is something as simple as flat-pack furniture.

Save energy, emissions and money with ceiling fans and roof turbines

July 21st, 2012.

Whether it’s summer or winter, ceiling fans and roof turbines can save energy – that’s good for your bank balance and good for the environment.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) And The Environment

May 12th, 2012.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) can be made from waste wood materials; even from recycled paper – but is it entirely environmentally friendly?

Is Treated Timber Environmentally Friendly?

April 3rd, 2012.

Is treated timber environmentally friendly? Learn a little more about the various chemicals used in wood products.

Recycled Plastic Uses – Composite Timber

March 14th, 2012.

Composite plastic timber products give new life to plastic and wood waste, recycling garbage bound for landfill into something useful that could last far longer than the original item.

Ryobi One Plus – A Greener Cordless Power Tool System

February 18th, 2012.

Having multiple power tools with multiple charging and battery systems can be a real pain, both to the user and the environment. I recently purchased a Ryobi One+ system, which offers dozens of tools that can be run off the same battery.

An Introduction To Wood Certifications

November 18th, 2011.

There are dozens of wood certification programs around the world – so what does the term "certified wood" mean and can these certifications be trusted to indicate truly environmentally friendly wood products?

Selecting a rainwater tank – materials

April 10th, 2011.

Rain water is one of our greatest wasted resources – an average sized house without a rainwater tank misses out on harvesting tens of thousands of gallons of the precious liquid each year. If you’re considering installing a rainwater tank, some points for consideration in regard to materials used in tank construction.

Think reuse before recycle

October 6th, 2010.

The recycling movement has gathered plenty of steam in recent years which is wonderful, but is the recycling wave encouraging many of us to consume more instead of reusing?