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Generous solar rebates in many U.S. and Australian states (some that you may not even know about and may run out before you do) have made clean, green solar power truly affordable!

Additionally, special incentives called feed in tariff programs that reward solar power system owners for generating renewable electricity can see you making money from your system once it is installed!

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Solar trivia: Households use around 20% of the total energy consumed in the United States annually and the average U.S. family spends nearly $1500 each year just on utility bills, including electricity. A solar hot water or solar power system can save you a bundle of cash while helping the planet by reducing your household or business carbon emissions! Get your free, no-obligation solar quote today!

Solar trivia: The first feed-in tariff was rolled out in the USA in 1978 by then President Jimmy Carter. Feed in tariff programs pay owners of systems a premium rate for electricity generated by a renewable energy system, often up to 4 times as much as the market rate!