Green cleaning products

Really green, really clean – wowgreen!

Tired of wading through the home cleaning greenwash? So many cleaners claim to be environmentally friendly but just don’t stack up.

A product may be green in relation to ingredients but perhaps it’s packaged in a container that can’t be recycled; or maybe the packaging is earth friendly – but the cleaning fluid certainly isn’t.

Sometimes the cleaner and packaging might be totally green; but it just doesn’t do the job without using huge amounts – or in some cases it might not work at all! That’s wasted money, wasted time and wasted resources; not to mention a ton of frustration.

Finding the right green cleaner – one that does right by you, your family, the planet and even your pets – can be an expensive trial by error ordeal and a real hassle. If you’ve experienced this and have all but given up, don’t lose hope; here’s a solution – wowgreen!

wowgreen cleaning products

The range of wowgreen cleaning products are made by a company that not only cares about the planet but also in meeting the demands of the eco-savvy consumer – at a sensible price. Michael Bloch and Green Living Tips is proud to announce we are now a wowgreen Independent Distributor and you can save 20% by registering as a preferred customer (Distributor id: Michael).

The wowgreen cleaning difference

So what makes the wowgreen range some of the best cleaning products on the market? Here’s just a few reasons to choose wowgreen:

  • No harsh, environmentally damaging chemicals
  • All natural ingredients
  • wowgreen cleaners utilize powerful naturally occurring enzymes
  • No scrubbing – spray, wait a little, and then just wipe
  • 100% safe for your family and even your pets!
  • Unlike some other green cleaners, they actually work.
  • Packaging can be recycled or reused
  • Concentrated products to save on transport emissions
  • Priced sensibly, no “eco-chic” markup
  • Even the inks on the labels are vegetable based!

Learn more about wowgreen products and the company! Register as a preferred customer and get 20% off (Note: You may be asked for the ID of the Independent distributor who referred you. The ID to remember is: Michael)!

The wowgreen range of cleaners

You can find a wowgreen cleaner for just about every home and work cleaning application!

  • Laundry Detergent – Clean Machine
  • Dishwasher Detergent – Wash Away
  • Hand Dish Soap – Hands On
  • Toilet Bowl – Wipe Out
  • Floor Cleaner – Clean Base
  • Stain Pen – Write On
  • All-Purpose – Whole House
  • Glass & Stainless – See Clearly
  • Tile & Bath – Clean Up

So whether you need to clean your home, the office or a commercial premises, check out the range of wowgreen cleaning products and learn more about the company! If you register as a preferred customer, you’ll get a huge 20% discount on retail price! (Note: Independent distributor ID= Michael. You may be asked for this when registering for the discount)

Go green, save green. Save cash, make cash!

You’ll notice that wowgreen products are very competitively priced compared to similar cleaning products – so that’s one way you’ll save cash.

Additionally, if you’re interested in making a little extra cash for yourself or perhaps running your own business based on the green cleaning boom, you can become an independent distributor like me! Learn more about the wowgreen opportunity here.

Note: you’ll need to be referred by an Independent Distributor to join, so if asked for these details, use my Independent Distributor ID which is: Michael