GLT reader reviews

Green Living Tips is a labor of love for me, made all the more fulfilling by the wonderful folks striving to lead a greener life who visit the site and other sites who have found the considered the guides valuable enough to link to.

Here’s a small sample of what some readers have had to say about GLT. 

“This website is quite intriguing and a wonderful way to help people in almost every pocket of the planet- thanks for all you do.” Sheila

“I’ve been a huge fan of for a while now and am always impressed with the quality of your content and the advice that you offer. It’s certainly one of the best green living publications that I read and I congratulate you on your efforts.” Caroline S.

“I really appreciate your work–you are helping, at least me, separate Green from Greenwash” Michele A.

“The articles of yours that I’ve read definitely are at the top of the list as far as making it (going green) easier.” – Larese

“Good job and very informative. Thanks for taking the time to help making our world a better place to be in.” – Steve

“I would like to thank you for your e-newsletter. I enjoy receiving your publication and getting new ideas for ways that I can reduce my environmental footprint” – Liz

“Thanks for such a valuable newsletter and site. I love it.” – Kirsten B.

“I very much enjoy reading all of the articles on your site (and doing my best to apply some of them to my life!) — its my favorite eco-friendly site on the internet!” – Alex

“You run a wonderful site and I look forward to my newsletter arriving” – Muriel D.

“Great to have discovered your site. Have added it to my favs and I will be here often!” – Christina C.

“I have just discovered your website and love it! It really feels like home” – Jennifer P.

“I love the site. I’ve been trying to “go green” for awhile now and your site has helped me make better choices. I would have never known about Fair Trade if it hadn’t been for your site. Keep up the good work.” – Maria S.

“There are some great tips on your site and I’ve enjoyed reading them over the past few days.” – Michael

“Thanks so much for your newsletter. It is a HUGE help for those who want to live green and reduce negative effects on our planet.” – L.C

“The situation our planet is in is really tragic, and it’s really admirable that you’re doing us all a favor by making this website. ” – Simon F.

“Really interesting story. Looking forward to more such green stories…Useful reference site-Kudos!” – Oviya

“I always enjoy getting the green living tips newsletter. I always love reading new tips on how to make this world a cleaner, healthier place.” – Karen W.

“‘Thank you for your wonderful site and information! You have been a great teacher and you have inspired me. I have a long ways to go but with your help I’m making steps!” – Wendy E.

“Been reading the site for a while and it`s great to have informed opinions to help us try and make that little bit of difference. Keep up the great work.” Steve

“you are doing a great service to the world, many thanks …to you!” – Christy H.

“I do so value all the tips you give out.” – Sigrid

“As always, thanks for the great articles.” – Krystal C.

“My first Green Living Tips arrived and I was so impressed by how much information it had and how interesting was. I write an environmental newsletter for our company and try to include articles and/or info on the environment that will hold the reader’s interest as well as relay the “green” message. You have done such a good job of doing both. I plan to include many of your tips and/or facts in my coming issues.” –  Suzanne H.

“Thanks for providing such useful information.” – Amy H.

“I’m very impressed with your web site, specifically the tips you offer on cleaning.” – Jacqueline M.”I will be adding your site to my favorites list; it is great!” – Jeannie

“Thanks to YOU for the really interesting website – I have learned all sorts of useful things! Keep up the good work!” – Cathy G

“We are in the process of setting up a vege garden and love your site!” – Julie O.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful website. ” – Gayle F.

“Thanks for your newsletter – it is jam packed with great info!” – Libe C.

“Michael, I appreciate you taking a stand for Mother Earth!” – DJ

“Thank you for your article. It’s very topical and important to get the environmental message out there” – Beverley H.

“Thanks for putting a newsletter out there that will truly help all of the green crusaders out there make an impact ” – Lucie C.

“Good on you for your work. If only the world was quicker at catching the green bug!” – Marc.

“I love Green Living Tips!” – Antonella

“Your GLT website is an inspiration!” – Jennifer L.

“Please keep up the great work you do on your site!” – Nancy.