Water overusage – please explain

Here’s a good idea..

While some of Australia has been receiving good rain in the past weeks, we’re still not out of trouble yet. The drought has gone on for so long that decent levels of moisture in the soil only go down a couple of inches. The moisture needs to penetrate a lot further than that in order to recharge aquifers and encourage plants to put down deep roots.

The recent rain may be little more than a temporary reprieve before dry conditions occur again – drought cycles seem to be getting closer together, each one leaving us a little worse for wear than the last.

For example, the rain over the last couple of days in South East Queensland have been the heaviest in years, but from that, only enough water will be collected for just over a week of the state’s needs. It’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick for sure, but far more is needed.. or should I say, far less water should be consumed.

It seems that some Aussies don’t realize this and when the first decent drop of rain falls, they go back to old habits – hosing down driveways, long and frequent showers etc..

In Queensland (Northern Australia), the Water Commission there is sending out “Please explain” letters to tens of thousands of households who are currently consuming over 800 litres 200+ gallons) of water per day; questioning their consumption.

Thousands of those households are using over 2,000 litres (500+ gallons) a day!

The mailout is a little resource intensive, granted – but it seems the cost of water doesn’t doesn’t deter some, so perhaps a solid tap on the shoulder might. It will server as a clear warning that their usage hasn’t gone unnoticed and I’m assuming that the document will contain information of the impact of wasting water plus some simple water saving tips.

Nations like the Netherlands are very conscious of water consumption, and the Netherlands aren’t what I’d call drought-prone country by any means. Seems we could learn a lot from our Dutch comrades.