Vibrating mascara?

 I’ve been scratching my head over the concept of vibrating mascara for a few months. It’s a relatively new product here in Australia, but I believe it’s been on sale in the USA for a year or so.

As if the packaging for mascara wasn’t enough of a problem already, some cosmetics companies seemed hell bent on making matters worse with these items by adding a vibrating motor and non-rechargeable battery.

Aside from the non-recyclable plastics of tubes and brushes used by popular mascara brands – and not to mention sometimes very human and environmentally unfriendly ingredients in the mascara itself – they’ve thrown in some electronic waste as well to add to our landfills.

Now, I like to ensure my lashes are as full and long as possible and my mascara applied evenly just like the next guy, but isn’t this a little over the top?

Some of the consumer reviews I’ve read about these gadgets say they really don’t work as advertised anyway – the mascara tends to get thrown off the brush and clumps on eyelashes.

Ladies, I don’t think cosmetic companies will listen to a male protesting about this, but I’m sure they’ll listen to you – their customers, their target market.

If you think vibrating mascara is an unnecessary assault on the environment; contact the companies that produce these gadgets and let them know. I don’t even want to mention the brands – I guess you know who they are anyway as they seem to have spent a ton of cash on high profile prime time TV campaigns featuring celebrities (Why oh why, Drew?).

Vibrating mascara, automatic fly spray, single use toothbrushes. Whatever next?