USA halts food pesticide residue tests

I really don’t get this. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bush administration is halting tests that determine the levels of pesticides in fruits, vegetables and field crops.

The reason? The 8 million dollars a year it was costing was deemed too much. Let’s see..

Population of the USA: ~ 300 million
Cost of testing program: 8 million a year

So the USDA can’t find 37.5c for each man, woman and child in the USA to help ensure their food is safe and that Big Agriculture isn’t running amok with pesticides.

Yet billions can be found to spend on the Iraq invasion?

It’s bad enough that folks in the USA don’t even know what food items have GM (Genetically Modified) ingredients as labeling laws don’t require this information – and 70% of all food sold in US now contains bioengineered components – but this just seems nuts to me and asking for trouble.

If unscrupulous companies know they can get away with spraying more poisons, they will – and that’s not just bad for humans, but the wider environment.

I guess all people over there can do is to buy more organic food and if they can’t afford that, to ensure they wash fruit and vegetables well before consuming them.

This is another very good reason that we need to return to having our own veggie gardens sown with heritage and heirloom seeds.