The Story of Cosmetics

You may remember Annie Leonard’s video from 2007, The Story of Stuff which sought to raise awareness (and did so very effectively) about consumption.

Annie’s back with another great video – The Story Of Cosmetics. While focusing more on human health, the parallels to the detrimental effects of chemically ladened cosmetics on the environment aren’t hard to draw.

The video was released just a few hours ago and examines the use of toxic chemicals in personal care products, such as shampoo, cosmetics and deodorants. It’s not just an exposure of what those industries are putting into these products, it outlines ways we can get them away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer, greener alternatives.

One of the very interesting points made in The Story of Cosmetics is the excuse offered by companies of only using small amounts of questionable chemicals, but not taking into account the number of different products people use which dramatically boosts the amount of exposure, not to mention the unknown interactions with other chemicals. Another interesting point was the use of the terms “natural” and “organic” in these products meaning very little.

Made in partnership with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national coalition working to protect the health of consumers and workers, The Story of Cosmetics is sure to fuel a great deal of debate – and that’s a good thing.

If you haven’t viewed Annie’s previous video, you can view The Story Of Stuff here.

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