Square foot vegetable gardening

I’ve been itching to get started on a vegetable garden planted with heritage and heirloom seeds for some time now. We’ve got the seeds, we have the space and now we just need some time… oh, and rain. Rain would be very helpful indeed.. I hear plants like the stuff.

For a lot of people water isn’t an issue, but space is; particularly if you live in medium density housing. Fear not, square foot gardening might be just the thing for you.

Square foot gardening is a concept that was invented by Mel Bartholomew over 20 years ago that utilizes small, raised garden beds divided into sections for growing different sorts of food crops on a rotational basis. The planting combinations are carefully selected so that one type doesn’t overshadow another and to make maximum use of the room available.

Square foot gardens are low maintenance – given the density of the food crops grown and the loose soil, weeding is a breeze and the box size is such that every every section of the garden can be easily reached. As it’s a controlled environment, pesticides can be kept to a minimum with companion planting techniques and water usage can be greatly decreased as only in only 4 to 6 inches of soil is needed.

Something I’m finding quite attractive about square foot gardening is the ability to basically set the garden on wheels which would be very handy in our brutal summers and to minimize frost risk (not to mention attacks from hungry feral goats!)

When I started reading about this, I thought this could be great for GLT readers who are short on space, but the more I learn, the more I think it could be perfect for my situation too!

You can learn more about square foot gardening here and here