Simple living survey

Are you striving towards a greener or more simple life? They often go hand in hand. You may like to participate in this survey.
I received an email this week from Dr. Simon Ussher, Co-Director of the Simplicity Institute, who is running a survey on simple living and extended an invitation to Green Living Tips readers in any part of the world to participate. Dr. Simon Ussher is a medical specialist in Melbourne, Australia, and a passionate advocate of the holistic benefits of simple living. 
The Simplicity Institute focuses on simple living, downshifting, and other similar lifestyle changes. Dr Ussher says the research the Institute carries out is of critical importance as it ties in with major environmental issues such as climate change and hyper-consumption.
Dr. Ussher says the Institute believes that “post-consumerist” lifestyles will be an integral part of a movement towards a more sustainable, prosperous and just human society. As such, gaining a deeper knowledge of the people who are moving towards a simpler life is a very important matter. 
The Institute’s latest research project centers on people who have chosen a simpler lifestyle, however that may be envisaged. For example, it could mean a reduction in income, consumption or working hours.
So if you can spare a few minutes to answer the questions (takes about 4 – 5 minutes), head on out to the survey. You can submit your responses anonymously, or you can include your email address if you would like a copy of the survey results and to go into the draw to win a collection of literature on simple living.
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