Shower hourglass timer

I enjoy a hot shower; sometimes a little too much. I find a shower very relaxing and tend to let my mind wander – and the minutes can easily slip by. Living in the driest state in the driest inhabited continent on the planet (Australia), which is also currently in drought; spending too much time under the shower is certainly not an environmentally friendly practice.

We already have a low flow showerhead installed and I don’t ever have the water going full blast; but I think I really need one of these:

Like all great ideas, this 4 minute sand timer is so simple. You just stick it on wall of your shower using the suction cup; and flip it when you jump in. Ah, products you don’t need a university degree in computing to operate – love them.

I think that even children will use this timer; particularly if you make a game of it. I remember being fascinated by sand timers as a kid and the blue sand gives an added attractiveness to a child’s eye.

This hourglass concept is so much better than a digital timer in my opinion as it requires no batteries and looks as though it should last a very long time. Electronic waste is another bane of modern life.

I’m proud to say it’s an Aussie product from Ripple and it’s also available in other countries. At around only 4 bucks, it’s sure to help save you money in water charges and energy as well! Ripple products offer a range of other water-saving related items, including a “collapsible” bucket – great for catching shower water or collecting bath water and can be easily stowed away.

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