Schools Low Carbon Day

Climate change will likely have a bigger impact on our children than us, so it’s crucial we arm them with appropriate information so they have the opportunity of perhaps making better decisions than we have in the past.
While our children will (sometimes) follow the good examples of environmental stewardship we set at home, schools also play a very important role in educating this generation about the climate change issue and things kids can do to minimize their carbon impact.

A new initiative to help bring about a greater awareness of climate change  among children is Schools Low Carbon Day on June 24. While currently focused on the UK, schools from all over the world are being invited to participate. Most US schools will be out for the summer at that point, but the organizers point out Schools Low Carbon Day can be held on any day.

The aim of the day is to bring 1 million children together to learn about climate change and to do something to reduce their carbon emissions. By participating in a nationwide initiative, children will feel that they can affect greater change, not only in their own lives but also in the wider community.
The initiative is open to both primary and secondary schools. So far more than Over 1500 schools have registered, representing nearly 600,000 pupils.
Schools Low Carbon Day has been organized by ‘Cool The World’, a registered educational charity started by a group of mothers who feel that more should be done about climate change, at an individual level as well as at a government level.

A goal is to make Low Carbon Day not only educational, but also fun. For teachers, lesson plans for primary and secondary classes are provided to minimize additional work associated with getting involved.

Learn more about the initiative, register and download resources at the Schools Low Carbon Day web site.


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