Sassy green cleaners that work

I’m a “meat and potatoes” (and cutting back on the meat) sort of guy in that cutsey stuff doesn’t usually really appeal to me when it comes to marketing. I tend to like the “less fluff, more info” sort of approach. I’ve seen and heard it all many times before given that marketing forms the basis of my career.

When I was contacted by Clean Happens, the pithy web site pitch for their Better Life green cleaners did bring a smile to my face (especially a reference to Soylent green), but I was a little suspicious due to the general level of greenwashing that’s around these days – the spin covering the substance. Often there’s lots of nasties lurking in so-called environmentally friendly products or they simply don’t perform.

The Clean Happens team shipped me out some products to try and I was very impressed. I’ve been using their “I can see clearly, Wow!” glass cleaner and it certainly works as advertised. Some of my family members have been trialing the “What-EVER” general cleaner and other products and are equally impressed.

The company is genuinely passionate about their range and as you’ve probably noticed, even the naming of their products is spirited.

According to the company, all Better Life cleaning products use agents which are free of petrochemicals and ethoxylates. The active ingredients come from plants and all products exceed both U.S. and European biodegradability standards. The formulas have no aquatic or terrestrial toxicity; which is a common problem with commercial cleaners.

If you’re not really into using baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar around your house; or concocting your own earth friendly all purpose cleaner (but consider those options if you haven’t tried them) – take a trip out to Clean Happens and check out their range of earth friendly cleaning products.