Pamplona Running Of The Bulls Is Bullshit

I just watched footage of a man being gored in this year’s Pamplona running of the bulls. I feel nothing in the way of sympathy for him; but plenty for the bull – particularly since that bull would soon be tortured further. It is time this barbaric event was stopped.

The video below shows the incident, following which is information about the cruelties involved in the run and subsequent bullfighting event. I think it goes without saying the contents of the video may disturb some viewers. It didn’t just disturb me – it enraged me; particularly when the moron who was injured seemed to be applauded as he was taken away on a stretcher.

After the bulls are run, they endure further torture and are then consigned to an often slow and painful death in the bullfighting ring. I’ve always found bullfighting and the running of the bulls repugnant, but never realised the full scale of what these poor animals are subjected to until I watched this video.

“Culture” be damned – this is nothing more than primitive bloodlust and adrenaline junkieism – and those who participate in it are pathetic, sick human beings. If people want to do stupid things and get killed in the process, fine; our muddied gene pool is better off without them. However, to get those sorts of kicks through the torture of another creature is beyond disgusting – it’s a symptom of psychopathy. The crowds that encourage them are no better.

There is talk of banning the events and a ban can’t come soon enough.

Stop Bullfighting recommends registering objections to bullfighting by writing to the Spanish Embassy in your country. Bear in mind there are many Spanish people who detest this event and it is increasingly being attended by folks from outside the country. This isn’t just Spain’s problem; it’s a problem all of us can play a role in fixing.

Knowing what occurs, standing by and doing nothing is not an option for anyone who is opposed to cruelty to animals. Please, make your opposition heard by those who can fix this.