New green living tips added

 The following is a summary of the latest non-blog articles I’ve published on Green Living Tips December 4 – 14 2006. I hope you find the information of value!

Green tags and electricity
Green tags, also commonly known as Renewable Energy Credits or Tradable Renewable Certificates can be used offset the electricity consumption in your home or business with renewable power. Learn more about how green tags work

Home baked bread
Mmmm.. nothing quite like baking your own bread. It’s easy to do and will also provide you with a more earth friendly loaf!

Carbon neutral cars
Purchasing trees to be planted on your behalf as a way of offsetting carbon dioxide emissions is gaining popularity; but there are some points to bear in mind before shelling out your cash.

Shampoo and the planet
I researched the ingredients of my shampoo and was stunned at the chemical cocktail of environmental poisons it contained that I had been flushing down the drain for years. How does your shampoo stack up?

Kitchen sponges
Kitchen sponges harbor bacteria; but many brands also have a negative impact on the environment.