New Australian solar power forums

Some of you would know I’ve been working with Energy Matters for quite a while – it’s an Australian based renewable energy company specialising in solar power. 

We’ve just launched our new solar power forums – it’s a place to discuss all things renewable energy related, including a section on rebates (as rebates and incentives in Australia can be a nightmare to navigate). 

We also have categories on general green living, alternative construction and alternative fuel vehicles; with more to come, pending community feedback. There’s even a category where you can show off your solar power system if you wish :).

The team at Energy Matters have amassed a great deal of knowledge on renewable energy – as have many of the company’s customers. The forums will be a way to help make that knowledge more accessible to more people; demystifying aspects for those new to solar power and also providing a place for more technical knowledge to be shared.

While the forums have a distinctly Australian flavor, we’re of course encouraging folks from all over the world to participate in the conversations :)

It’s only been live for a couple of days and already we have hundreds of members and posts which has been very encouraging.

I’ll be lurking around out there quite often – my username is MichaelB. I hope to see some GLT readers on the forums!

I also have quite a few articles kicking around Green Living Tips on renewable energy you may be interested in:

Solar energy – power to, for and by the people!

Vive la (green energy) revolution!!