Nature Bag

 Looking for a reusable shopping bag? Take a look at Nature Bag.

Made in Laos, its design is based on thousands of years of use by the country’s Khmu indigenous minority – who also make the bags.

The bags are made using wild growing tropical kudzu. Lightweight and deceptively fragile-looking, the bags are used by the Khmu to carry quite heavy loads, day after day. Many of the Khmu continue to live traditionally, but the money made from making these bags help to supplement what the forest provides them and provides additional opportunities for their children in terms of education.

One of the many styles and sizes of Nature Bags available

From what I could discern from the Nature Bag site, the making of each bags involves hundreds of small knots, which also gives the bags rip-stop attributes.
When the bag does finally reach the end of its life – disposal is easy; just bury it or compost it; the bag will add nutrients to your soil.
Just something to note: according to the Nature Bag folks if you get the bag wet, it may shrink when it dries if left empty. The original size can be restored by filling the bag up with something weighty and leaving it to hang overnight.
This is a really interesting product with a nice story behind it. Nature Bag is not only an environmentally friendly reusable bag made from organically grown materials, it’s great to know the project helps to support the Khmu people. Products with backgrounds such as this can also make for a great gift!

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