My peanuts were made in China

So I’m snacking away on some peanuts the other day, congratulating myself on the choice of a more healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to some of the other crap I eat.

I read the packet and nearly choked. I’m in Australia and my peanuts came from China!

That means my snack traveled at least 7,500 kilometers or around 4,500 miles!

How the hell is this possible I asked myself, don’t we grow them here? I believe Queensland has a solid peanut industry, and that’s 1500 km away.

I really should know better as I’ve been caught out like this many times before in regards to food miles.

With all due respect to the Chinese, bless them all, we need to drawthe line somewhere as consumers. I hate finger-pointing at China,after all they are just catering to the demand for cheap products. It’s up to us to make more earth friendly purchasing decisions.

The carbon footprint of my snack is pretty huge and as to the growingpractices of China’s peanut farmers, I would have no idea.

I started searching around for local bagged peanuts and they look to be around triple the price. Isn’t it sad when something that is grown in our own soil is far more expensive than bringing it in from overseas? It seems that demand here outstrips supply too.

Even buying peanuts grown in Australia isn’t exactly what you’d call eating local given the distance they have to travel.

I probably should just stop being a tightwad and support the local growers  – and just eat fewer peanuts. I’m also taking a crack at growing my own peanuts using heritage and heirloom stock. I don’t like my chances as this area isn’t really suitable – it seems that peanuts are a rather thirsty plant.

Maybe I should learn a bit more about local bush tucker for snacky stuff and try growing that instead. Bush tomatoes (desert raisin) are quite tasty – however, I tried planting those last year but failed dismally.

My green living journey sure has me considering things I never gave a thought to just a few years ago.

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