Latest green living tips added

The following is a round up of the latest non-blog articles added to Green Living Tips over the last week (to December 3 2006). Hope you enjoy the articles!

Earth friendly holiday season tips
A dozen tips to help you have a greener festive season.

Cat litter and strip mining 
The cat litter you use may have come from strip mining operations set up for that specific purpose. Also, the dust from the most common cat litter ingredient is a known carcinogen. There are earth friendly alternatives.

Reusable cloth vs disposable diapers Unrated 
What is the more earth friendly option – reusable cloth or disposable? Either option can be bad for the environment. Learn more in this article.

White bread vs brown bread
Why is brown bread healthier than white bread? Did you know that brown bread production has less impact on the environment? – Discover why in this article.