Kids fear for the environment

25% of children recently surveyed believe the world will end before they reach adulthood. If that’s not a wake up call for the wider community about our environment, I don’t know what is.

The children surveyed were not from Iraq or some other war-torn or impoverished country; they were from Australia – the “lucky country”.

A report released by the Australian Childhood Foundation today brings to light some very disturbing fears held by many of the 600 children aged between 10-14 years surveyed.

Other key findings:

• Over half are scared that there will be a lack of water in the future

• 44% of children are worried about climate change

• 43% of children are worried about air and water pollution

The kids get it, they are understanding the gravity of the threats facing our environment and species – why don’t so many of we adults?

I remember my fears regarding the world at that age – they were environmental and nuclear war related; courtesy of Ronald Reagan. I remember giving a talk on it before the school back in the 6th grade. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t well received and most of the kids had no idea of what I was talking about. It seems like many of the children of today are more aware of environmental threats; which is really encouraging.

Let’s all hope that Mother Nature gives us enough time for this generation to grow up; because it looks like the coming generation may be able to make things right. They’ll certainly have their work cut out for them if we fail.

Read more of the report – “Children’s fears, hopes and heroes – Modern Childhood in Australia’ (PDF)