Insect identification experts please

I came across this largish, weird looking insect last night in a chunk of mallee while rummaging around in my wood bin. I’ve seen one like it once before in an old mallee tree in a different part of South Australia.

It’s quite a solidly built little beastie, around 3 inches long. It throws its two front legs(?) up quite rapidly when it feels threatened (reminds me of a Mexican wave) and protrudes the set of “fangs”. This behaviour is accompanied by quite a loud rustling type of noise it makes.

It doesn’t appear to be aggressive; just wanted to get the hell away from me – and my wood heater :). The body structure reminds me of a large grasshopper or cricket and the exoskeleton is quite glossy.

I have no idea of what it is – so if you know, please enlighten me :). I love the fact there’s so many critters in this country that I still don’t know anythin about; being out in the bush is always a wonderful learning experience!