Hurricane Sandy And Animals

A great tragedy has unfolded in the USA and the Caribbean as a result of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath. Many have lost their lives or property – but spare a thought for animals too; they also need a helping hand.
Sandy has left a huge amount of damage in its wake; and not just to human habitats. Various animal welfare organisations have been attending to numerous injured pets, wildlife and livestock that haven’t fared well.
I don’t know enough about animal welfare organisations in the USA to recommend any particular group; but if you have a few bucks to spare, perhaps think about donating to a group operating in an affected state. Some animal shelters and refuges have also been directly affected through storm damage.
While on the topic, I’d just like to congratulate the city of New York. It seems a “no pet turned away” policy is in place during disasters relating to the city’s public transit system, evacuation vehicles and emergency shelters. 
When Hurricane Katrina hit back in 2005, it was estimated that 250,000 pets were left to fend for themselves as they weren’t permitted in evacuation centers. How incredibly sad.
It’s also been amazing to see first responders putting themselves at risk in order to rescue animals – aside from the immediate danger of the surrounding environment, a scared or injured animal can sometimes be less than friendly when being rescued.
I’m looking at Niki The Wonder Dog sleeping peacefully in the corner and trying to envision being in a situation where I had to leave her behind due to a disaster. May that day never come.
I’d really never given too much thought to Niki in relation to a disaster – the plan is just to grab her and go. I certainly hadn’t thought about food, bedding etc. The ASPCA has published a series of disaster preparedness tips for pet owners that I’ll be taking note of.