Hemp milk

Hemp milk is rapidly gaining popularity as a replacement for cow or even soy milk. It’s a very simple product, basically crushed hemp seeds and water. Unlike dairy or soya milk, it’s not white but a beige color.

Said to have a nutty taste, hemp milk is very easy to make:


1/4 cup shelled hemp seeds
1 cup water


Place the seeds into a blender and enough water so that the water level is around an inch above the seeds. Blend thoroughly until it becomes creamy in texture. You can then add whatever flavors you like e.g. chocolate or maple syrup; then add remaining water a little at a time and blend until you achieve the desired consistency.

Hemp milk is very nutritious and without some of the problems associated with cow and soya milk. It is protein rich and has Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids. In fact, 30–35% hempseed’s weight is oil containing 80% essential fatty acids.

The Living Harvest site has a ton of great recipes for hemp milk, oil and nuts – everything from The Classic Hempuccino to Wild Mushroom Mac’N Cheeze.

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