Help save Bob Brown

Bob Brown is the leader of the Australian Greens party and has been battling on behalf of the environment for years. I can’t say I know Bob personally, but he seems to be a truly dedicated and very honest man – an uncommon trait among politicians. It’s pretty hard to find any dirt on him – actually, I haven’t been able to.

Unfortunately, he could do with a little helping hand himself at the moment. Senator Brown is in danger of being expelled from Australia’s Senate because of possible bankruptcy proceedings to be brought against him by Forestry Tasmania.

Senator Brown has until the end of this month to cough up AUD $240,000 to reimburse Forestry Tasmania for legal costs accumulated during a court case over logging in the Wielangta Forest in Tasmania’s south-east.

He simply doesn’t have the money. He’s certainly not a fat-cat politician; last time he checked his bank account, he had under 10k in it.

Forestry Tasmania knows that by forcing him into bankruptcy, he will be forced to give up his Senate seat. And perhaps that is their goal? With Bob out of the way, I’m assuming it would be less headaches for them.

Anyhow, I’m not an official supporter of the Greens, but I really feel if anyone needs to stay in the Senate for the sake of the environment, it’s Mr. Brown.

I contacted Senator Brown’s office to see if personal donations are being accepted and asked for some information that I could post on Green Living Tips. They forwarded me this open letter to publish.


“Thank-you for your kind offer to help cover legal costs associated with my case against Forestry Tasmania’s logging of the Wielangta Forest. 

I am touched that so many Australians want to help the fight against the destruction of Tasmania’s ancient forests and their wildlife including rare and endangered species.

I do not intend to lose my Senate seat this way and will be doing everything I can to pay the bill before the 29th June, 2009  deadline.

Here are three ways you can donate:

1.If you would like to donate online please go to the website. This requires you to fill in your name and address. Please be patient;  it does work, but takes a minute or two.

2.Send a cheque made out to ?Bob Brown Forest Account? to GPO Box 404, Hobart Tasmania 7001.

3.However if you don’t have a cheque account you can donate directly to: Bob Brown Forest Account, BSB 633000, Account Number 125 133 793.  Please ensure you put your name in the reference line as we can not accept anonymous donations.

Donations may need to be individually identified in the Register of Senator’s Interests and are not tax deductible. Providing your contact details would be appreciated so that your donation can be receipted and acknowledged. Any excess funds will be used to help protect Australia’s wild and threatened forests.

Thank-you again for helping in this way, the campaign for Tasmania’s forest and their wildlife.”


So, if you can spare a few bucks, please help support a guy who has worked so hard for Australia’s environment and has so much more to do. Whether you vote Labor, Liberal, Greens, the Super Happy Fun party or whatever your political leanings – Bob’s presence helps to “keep the bastards honest” when it comes to our natural heritage and other issues.