Greener computer printing

Ever wanted to print out info from a web page and found that it sucked up half your ink cartridge and you wound up with pages you didn’t need? It’s not only wasteful of resources, but costly too.

GreenPrint is a free application that’s easy to install and use which will help save you cash and your printing environmental footprint. Before printing GreenPrint analyzes the page/s you want to print and eliminates items that you don’t need such as banners, logos and footnotes. You can also specify which pages or sections you wish to print.

Another great feature of the application is the ability to print in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format. While there’s quite a few free PDF print drivers around, many of them are quite slow, don’t insert active hyperlinks and throw up a ton of banner ads each time you print. GreenPrint is very quick, retains hyperlinks and pop-up free.

According to the GreenPrint site, the application has helped save over 2.4 million of superfluous pages, 1.7 million pounds of CO2 and 289 trees at the time of writing. Within the application there’s a reporting function where you can tracking the number of pages and money you save.

You can download GreenPrint for free here. It’s compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista (unfortunately no option for Mac users). GreenPrint offer a premium version with more features and commercial licensing options – this could be a great way for your company to save money too!


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