Green utilities compete

Things are getting really competitive in green natural gas and electricity it seems. We were signed up for both, but today there was a knock at the door – a representative from a competitor offering a better deal. It all sounded good, so my partner signed up for it.

Just a few hours later, there was another knock – it was the original supplier saying that they didn’t want to lose our business and offered us a further 5% discount, a $50 gift voucher.. and a wind up LED torch. Drats, just after I bought a wind up LED lamp a couple of weeks ago :).

The fact these were two doorstep visits really astounded me. Usually the canvassing is done via phone. Also of interest is that green electricity and gas no longer so expensive compared with standard delivery pricing. Utilities are increasingly switching to renewable energy programs and offsetting; as is the case with the latter in relation to gas – you can’t really have green natural gas as it’s a fossil fuel. The “going green” trend with power and gas companies is creating the right conditions for competition, therefore discounting.

Anyhow, my reason for posting about it is that if you’ve looked at switching to green electricity previously, but found it a little on the pricey side; check with your utility again – you may find things have changed. Find a competitor that does supply green energy cheaper than yours and mention to your provider. They might just come to the party.

For folks in Adelaide Australia, AGL and Origin Energy are pursuing green accounts aggressively – give them a call and see what they’ll do for you :)