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Its sounds like a simple concept that really shouldn’t have a substantial impact on our environment. Until you look at the numbers that is. When you go to the store and pick your pets supplies you don’t think you are hurting the planet…No way as much as car that you took to get to the store. Unfortunately, the truth is looking quite grim.

Think about your pets bedding, littler, and even the clean-up bags. Then think about how many times you have to purchase those products in a month. Now times that by the number of people you think have pets in the world.

According to recent statistics, 2 million tons of cat litter and 22 billion plastic bottles were sent off to landfills last year alone. So how does cat litter and plastic bottles come into play with saving our environment? As the Green revolution gets its footing secured in our daily lives, our pets are a simple and affordable way to start saving our environment. Here are 3 simple earth friendly pet products with huge benefits.

1.) IntelliLoft: Using your old plastic bottles

Next time you are thinking about purchasing your pet a new bed, you should consider one that is helping to clean up our environment. IntelliLoft fabric is a PET or polyethylene terephthalate polymer that has been processed from recycled plastic bottles.

A better way to think of a bed made from IntelliLoft is to compare apples to oranges. If you were to take the exact same bed dimensions; make one from IntelliLoft and one from common materials (cotton, polyester, etc). During production, the bed made from IntelliLoft will be 8 times! more energy efficient than its opponent. Since the first introduction of IntelliLoft, there have been over 198 tons of plastic bottles kept from sitting in a landfill.

The Process:

The bottles are sent to the factory and immediately stripped of their labels, caps and excess materials.

The bottles are then sliced into tiny flakes that are liquefied, completely breaking down the solid state of the bottle. From here, the plastic liquid is re-engineered into strands of fiber called IntelliLoft. Its is this material that comprise the insert and the cover. Against speculation, the IntelliLoft is a thick denier that creates a fluffy, bounce back filling that holds its plump shape even after repetitive use.

The Price: You can find these beds between $40.00 (small) and $150.00 (extra large beds)

2.) Good Mews: for the cat lovers

Of that 2 million tons of cat litter that finds its final resting place in landfills each year, Good Mew has set a new standard in the cat industry by introducing biodegradable litter made from recycled paper.

The interesting thing about this product is that it slowly proving to be more effective than the current shelf stuff. This litter is less messy, it dries quicker, it’s dust free, and holds those potent odors 3 times better. Veterinarians have even taken a stand behind this product since it doesn’t pose as high of a risk for infection as pellets do.

The gravel litter is abrasive and can irritate the paws so much that infection will find its way in to diminish your pets health. Probably the best side to this product is that its paper and its 100% biodegradable…You can even flush it without clogging!

The Price: You can find a 9 lbs. bag via Google shopping for a little over $5.00.
3.) The Clean up Bags: a.k.a. Poopbags

If you are a dog owner, you have had to do this at least once. You go to the park and have to clean up after your dog with a plastic bag you got from the grocery store. Studies have shown that it can take up to 100 years for a single plastic bag to fully decompose…So why on earth would you put completely biodegradable waste into one of these bags? That is where these bags really start to shine.

Each one is made from corn starch: 100% biodegradable, safe for your compost and free of chemical additives. The other side of this mess is the smell. Since these bags breathe better than a plastic bag ever would, the smells evaporate fast. So, on those hot days in the park your last concern will be that lingering odor that is following you around.

Available sizes:

Regular is 8″ x 12 1/2″. It is 0.92″ thick.
50 bags per package.

Big dog waste bags: 10″ x 14″. It is 0.92″ thick.
35 bags per package.
The price: $7.49/ package or $59.99/12 packages.

Next time you are ready to hit the store, shop around and you will probably find that you will save money by purchasing a product that is earth friendly versus one that isn’t. These recycled products can make a huge impact on our planets current state of being in the red. Green is in and its here to stay.

About the Author:
This article was written by Collin Walker and provided by; a site featuring energy efficient dog doors and earth friendly dog beds.


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