Good news for whales

Well, sort of..

I made mention in one of my recent articles that some of the toxins humanity produces are so pervasive, they are even being found in the bodies of animals in remote places, such as PBDE’s in Norway’s Killer Whales.

Pollutants including DDT, PCBs, HCH, dieldrin, and chlordane that have also been detected in Japanese whale products are starting to cause alarm among whale chomping consumers – to the point that fewer people are prepared to take the risk in eating them. Japan, traditionally a huge market for whale products, is having difficulties unloading the thousands of tonnes of whale meat currently in storage.

Iceland returned to commercial whaling last year, but after slaughtering just 7 minkes and 7 fin whales (well under quota), they’ve announced cessation of whaling activities again as nobody wants to buy their products – Japan included.

Iceland’s fisheries minister has stated that new quota will not be issued until the market for whale meat improves. You can read more about this on Greenpeace’s site.

It’s great news, but tragic at the same time. It’s taken our own toxins to slow down the whale trade. The whales are a little safer from harpoons now, but their own bodies have perhaps become time bombs in regards to their long term health; again, thanks to us. So, we remove the toxins, they get hunted. We continue poisoning our environment, that might kill them too. What a catch-22 situation.

It’s tough being a whale in the 21st century.