Go home Chevron

Chevron, one of the world’s largest oil companies,  has issued a thinly veiled threat that two of Western Australia’s biggest gas projects could be dropped if Australia’s proposed emissions trading scheme should be implemented in its current form.

The US company’s Australian chief reportedly told an oil and gas conference in Western Australia that the one hundred to to two hundred million dollars the company invests in Australia annually could be “in jeopardy”.

Chevron – go. No seriously, go away. Rack off, vamoose, amscray. Just go. We don’t really need you and I certainly don’t want you around if you’re not prepared to pay the price for decades of environmental destruction at the expense of your shareholders. Anyway, it’s the end consumer that usually cops it in the neck, so what’s the difference to you?

Australia is on the verge of solid new direction – clean, green energy and increased corporate accountability in relation to the environment. We can’t have companies like you bullying us; big business has already had enough concessions from the Australian government on this.

The simple fact of the matter is fossil fuels such as natural gas are rapidly diminishing resources; ones that are in great demand. If you can’t toe the environmental line, I’m sure some other company can. If our government was able to pull out billions to help deal with the fallout of the greed from Wall Street, surely they can scrape up a lousy couple of hundred million in the interim and send a clear signal that Big Oil and all the corruption and environmental degradation that goes with it is in its death throes.