Freecycle and recycling

I’m not one for digging through garbage bins, except for my own, but I remember some years ago noticing a printer sticking out of a dumpster at the back of an office block. At that time, printers were horribly expensive, so I sheepishly spirited the printer back to my office.

Given that I was working in computer hardware at the time and was familiar with the inner workings of the equipment, I was able to fix the printer within about 5 minutes. It didn’t even need any parts replaced! That printer continued working for me for the next 2 years. Many other computer equipment items were also given to me by clients whom no longer needed them – it was great for me as I was in start-up mode and didn’t have a lot of cash floating around.

“Freecycling” is an extension of recycling. We all have things that we no longer need or only require minor repair; and unfortunately often these items wind up in landfill; but one man’s trash can certainly be another man’s treasure.

If you can’t or aren’t comfortable with selling these items; consider “freecycling” them; i.e. advertising their availability for other people in your local area to pick up. While advertising these items in a newspaper can be an expensive way to get rid of items you no longer want or aren’t saleable, there are many online groups in operation that focus on recycleable trading.

The Freecycle Network™ is made up of thousands of groups and millions of members across the globe. It’s a nonprofit movement of people who are giving items away for free in their own towns and cities. There is no cost involved to be a member of or advertise goods on the Freecycle Network. Even if you don’t have items to give, you can also posted “wanted” ads. Re-using an item that someone doesn’t want is just as beneficial to the environment as giving something away :).