Even more Shell shenanigans

I’m thinking that Shell should be awarded some kind of backflip award.

Last year Shell’s CEO basically admitted to the Peak oil reality by commenting how easily accessible oil will not keep up with demand soon and talked up renewable energy.

Then this year Shell stops investing in renewable energy development after a big show about how environmentally friendly they were becoming.

Then Shell starts sinking more cash into their Canada tar sands venture and apparently are thumbing their nose at environmental promises made there.

Now Shell has said it will continue with tar sands projects even though the project has lost $42m in the last three months.

Drop renewable energy because it’s not performing as well as their other investments, but pursue filthy tar sands oil production – and it’s losing money? Makes sense in this crazy world I guess. They say they are taking the “long term view” on the tar sands – why didn’t they do the same with renewables?

Why the aversion of green and the embracing of obscene? It’s all very confusing and in my opinion disgusting behavior. Shell must be pretty certain oil is going to skyrocket soon; but when it does, so will renewable energy.

I’ve been focusing on Shell lately, mainly because of their (now tenuous) tie to solar power and general high profile; but Shell is not the only offender; many of the other oil companies are just as bad.

It just irritates me beyond words that these “energy” companies seemed to jump off the environmental bandwagon as fast as they got on – and not even picking up from where they left off, but pursuing an even more destructive direction.