Eucalyptus fiber bed sheets

Most of us would be familiar with the many uses of eucalyptus oil, but here’s something new – sheets containing eucalyptus fiber.

What a fantastic idea!

According to the company selling these sheets to the hospitality industry, Valley Forge Fabrics, only non-toxic solvents are used when converting eucalyptus pulp to fiber for the sheets, and 99.6% of the solvent is recovered and reused.

It’s a water friendly process too – “TENCEL+PLUS™ Lyocell” eucalyptus fiber uses 100 times less water than traditional cotton manufacturing. Additionally, the company says the fiber yield of TENCEL+PLUS™ Lyocell is ten times higher than with conventional cotton.

The sheets are said to be as soft as pure cotton bedding and the blend absorbs moisture and releases it away from the body, creating a dry and cool sleeping atmosphere.  This moisture reduction inhibits bacterial growth without the use of nasty chemicals such as Triclosan – which also reduces the chances of allergic reactions. I read somewhere else (can’t find the link) that the sheets also help to deter bed bugs.

Using eucalyptus in this way is also quite sustainable. Some eucalyptus trees grow very quickly and can be “coppiced”; which basically means to cut off at ground level. The tree then regrows. I have some trees on my property that have been cut and burned multiple times and they continue to spring back.

According to Valley Forge Fabrics, the combination of eucalyptus and cotton in their sheets also require less pressing during maintenance then more traditional natural fibers such as 100% cotton or any combinations involving hemp or bamboo.

I wasn’t able to ascertain if organic cotton is used in the sheets.

An interesting bit of trivia I also found on their site: When a eucalyptus tree is cut for the purpose of making the sheets, 100% of the tree is used. Forty percent of the Eucalyptus tree becomes pulp, 20 percent becomes vinegar and artificial sweeteners.  The remaining wood is burned and converted to electricity to power the factory.


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