Environmental education & curriculum resources for schools

I published an article a while ago with some tips for how students can go about greening schools, but it really only scratches the surface of all that needs doing to give our kids the best chance of taking better care of our planet than we have.

As a environmentally conscious parent or teacher, you want to give your children and students access to current information on issues that affect the planet. While there’s a stack of information around for adults, sometimes it can be difficult to locate resources focused on the younger generation. 

On a related note, information isn’t enough – the execution is critical. Environmental education needs to be successfully integrated into school curriculum and then there’s the issue of a school’s infrastructure needing to reflect the environmental lessons being taught. These can be major challenges.

Whether you’re an educator or parent, here’s three excellent resources you may find useful to get you started on your quest for a green school makeover:

GreenHeart Education
Run by Julie D. Johnston, BA, BEd, MAdEd, GreenHeart Education is a primer on greening the curriculum, the classroom, and the school community. Julie is a teacher, teacher trainer, adult educator and former Coordinator of Environment and Sustainability Programs at an independent boys’ school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
As Julie mentioned to me in a recent email exchange; “I believe that we sabotage so many greening efforts at home and in the community if we don’t reinforce them at school. And vice versa!”
North American Association For Environmental Education
Links and descriptions of well over a hundred online resources on environmental education, information, activities, and games for students interested in the environment, covering age groups K-12
Classroom Earth
Designed to help high school teachers include environmental content in their daily lesson plans. 
If you know of any related comprehensive resources for schools, teachers and parents that you have found useful yourself, please add them below – it would be nice to build a decent list!