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Ever become so incensed about an issue related to the environment, yet felt so helpless to do anything about it? It can a terribly frustrating and disempowering feeling.

I’m often saying in my articles that folks should contact companies about environmental concerns – one voice multiplied many times can make a difference; but when acting under your own steam it’s hard to tell if others are doing the same or if you’re just a lone voice in the wilderness.

A new community recently launched called ThePoint is a great place where you can coordinate action with others – friends, family, colleagues, even total strangers. ThePoint goes beyond a traditional petition site; these are “petitions with teeth” as the team behind the service refers to them :).

Using the wide range of tools offered at ThePoint, you can say “do this, or else” to a company that’s shirking their responsibilities to the planet. You can do more than complain in the hope the company listens, by using ultimatums to channel your frustrations into decisive action; with the added punch of backing from a group of people who share similar views.

I caught up with Andrew Mason, founder of ThePoint, to find out a little more about the project. Here’s some of what he had to say:

“I think one of the reasons that people aren’t more involved in environmental activism — whether that means recycling or boycotting an oil company — is that they feel like environmental problems are so overwhelmingly large that their little contribution won’t make a difference.  The Point’s purpose is to increase participation by only asking people to act when the conditions exist for that action to matter.”

ThePoint is the perfect tool for someone who wants to help make the world a better place, but doesn’t have a lot of time to spare. It’s for people who wants to focus on where they can add the most value.  Joining a campaign takes seconds, and you won’t be asked to do more unless the conditions exist for you to play a critical role in solving your problem.”

For an overview of what ThePoint is all about, click here or take a tour of how ThePoint campaigns work.

Your campaign doesn’t have to be an “or else” type ultimatum; you can also use it to positively motivate environmental stewardship as well – and this is an aspect I really like. For example, a company called MediaBank in Chicago initiated this campaign as a proactive way to get their employees to recycle. MediaBank’s management have promised to arrange recycling bins if at least 20 of their staff commit to use them – what a great idea!

ThePoint can also be utilized for fundraising; for example, a community can pool money to restore a park or improve their neighborhood.

If you have an idea of an action that Green Living Tips could establish on ThePoint, or if you set up a environmental campaign at ThePoint for a cause yourself, let me know!


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