Energy efficient hair dryer

Long gone are the days when I used to tip, streak and blow dry my hair (hey, it was the 80’s), but a hair dryer is still a critical piece of equipment in our household for my partner and daughters. Unfortunately hair dryers can be real energy suckers and something I didn’t consider is EMF radiation which is a bit of a concern considering how close you have these things to your head :)

I just received a note from Caleb of Hairflix, letting me know about a more environmentally friendly hair dryer they stock – and a special offer for Green Living Tips readers:

“For any of your readers that are looking for a safe and energy-efficient blow dryer they should check out the BarBar ECO-8000. The main benefit of the dryer is that you can cut the time it takes to dry your hair in half while cutting down on energy consumption. The ECO-8000 saves energy by only using 1000 watts compared to other blow dryers that use 1800 watts to do the same thing.

The other benefit of using the BarBar ECO-8000 is its extremely low radiation levels compared to other hair dryers. You may not realize it but hair dryers emit 200-400 mG of harmful EMF radiation which is more than a microwave. The BarBar ECO 8000 only emits 1.9 mG because it doesn’t use a metal coil. Instead it uses a ceramic block that is much safer and performs better. 

BarBar ECO-8000 Hair dryer

At we are an authorized online retailer. Here’s a link to the ECO-8000 Hair dryer page for your readers to purchase one if they are interested in doing so. They can save $20 off the purchase price by entering the promo code “Green” in the shopping cart when they checkout.”

Thanks Caleb!