Celebrate – the green way

The silly season is nearly upon us once again and while the financial crisis may tighten up spending to a degree, billions will be spent in the coming months on end of year events, religious and secular holidays.

I’ve published a couple of related articles such as “Greening an event“, “Earth friendly holiday season tips” and “Socially conscious toy giving” to help folks save a bit of cash and lessen their associated environmental footprint, but I’ve just looked over a great book on the topic that covers all this and far, far more.

The book is called Celebrate Green! and was written by mother and daughter team Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson. Corey had  launched a related site called GreenHalloween.com and Lynn thought it was such a great idea that a book covering all sorts of events was needed.

The end results is Celebrate Green!, 240+ pages jam packed with ideas for various types of events, from anniversaries to Arbor day, from Christmas to graduations, green weddings and a whole lot more.

This isn’t a book just about greening events, it can also save you a stack of money as it contains a ton of low-budget and no-budget tips!

It’s easy to read and not written in a “thou-shalt” or “do this or be damned” tone; so it can also make a great gift for people you care about who are still sitting on the fence regarding environmental issues.

Additionally, Celebrate Green! is printed on 30% recycled and 70% Forest Stewardship Council certified paper.

You can learn more about the book, its authors and pick up a copy of Celebrate Green! here