California uses more gas than China

In the news we often read about the impending threat of China’s energy needs and its impact on the environment and fossil fuel supplies. It’s a concern for sure, but it needs to be seen in perspective.

Wired is running a mind boggling story, quoting data from the California Energy Commission’s State Alternative Fuels Plan that shows the state of California, population around 36 million, uses more gasoline and diesel than China – population 1.3 billion!

Only one other country in the world uses more of these fossil fuels than California; and that is of course the USA as a whole.

However, something that does need to be pointed out is that California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably well ahead of China as a whole in terms of trying to get a handle on emissions and fuel consumption; but it still really makes you wonder about the continual finger pointing and demonizing of China. We really need to take a much closer look at what’s happening on our own home fronts and lead by example; as Governor Schwarzenegger is doing – it’s a mammoth task he faces.

Added to the domestic consumption of California, there’s all the embodied fossil fuels in the goods and services imported from China sold in the state, which is likely quite staggering.

In regards to California’s efforts to get on top of the fossil fuel consumption issue, you can learn more about proposed action in the State Alternative Fuels Plan


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