Burma needs your help now!

Mother Nature gives and takes away; and she’s certainly unleashed her fury upon the poor people of Burma (Myanmar) through Cyclone Nargis. Over a hundred thousand people are dead and over a million have lost everything; what little they had to start with.

Can you help by sparing a few dollars?

Burma was an embattled nation prior to this and the cyclone will set their people back even further. Bodies are rotting in the streets, fields are inundated and crops are ruined. In Yangoon, Burma’s capital, over 95% of buildings have been destroyed.

Can you spare just $10 for the people of Burma? NGO’s assisting in the country need every cent they can get. One such organization is  Foundation for the People of Burma. The team at FPB have been working non-stop to try and help and have already been able to start distributing supplies to survivors; no mean feat considering the political situation over there.

It’s situations like this that firmly remind us that we are not the superior force on this planet. The environmental impact of this cyclone has been tremendous; literally reshaping part of Burma’s coastline. I expect we’ll find the scale of the damage, like with the tsunami, was exacerbated by human activity and the cyclone itself boosted in strength by global warming factors; but that’s another topic for another time.

Right now, people need help; let’s get it to them.

You can donate via the Foundation for the People of Burma here; thank you for your kindness and humanity.