Brits reducing clothes dryer use

In a recent survey of over 2,000 Britons, shows the British public’s growing concern about climate change.

The Christian Aid survey revealed a majority believe the government needs to show more leadership in tackling global warming.

75% of those people said public money should be invested in renewable energy, 73% said it should go to cheaper and more effective public transport, 60% wanted to see  increased grants to pay for solar panels, wind turbines and insulation for residential applications, 53% want cash poured into electric and hybrid car development and 52% said companies that pollute the most should pay higher taxes.

But those surveyed aren’t just expecting the government to enforce policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – many are taking action themselves.

– 75% have switched to energy efficient light bulbs such as CFL‘s and LED‘s

– 70% do not leave electrical items on standby

– 57% do not heat rooms unnecessarily

– 42% use the clothes dryer less.

– 36% of respondents use their car less

– 19% are taking fewer flights.

Only 10 per cent the survey respondents said they had done nothing to reduce their own carbon emissions. Personal action speaks volumes – politicians are very sensitive to what people are doing vs. what they are saying.

The clothes dryer figure is quite significant considering British weather is often not conducive to line drying clothes. If the Brits can do it, so can many of us in other countries.

Even if you do have to use a dryer, there’s some simple ways to make clothes dryers more efficient. These appliances can be huge energy suckers and therefore make up a significant amount of a household’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Not only are these Brits reducing their environmental footprint, they are also saving cash!


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