Biodegradable PVC

PVC is incredibly useful stuff, but it does have quite an impact on the environment.

But perhaps for not too much longer – what if there was a more earth friendly PVC, a biodegradable type?

One of the problems of PVC – and actually one of its benefits in terms of useable life, is the fact it doesn’t break down, not even in landfill.

Enter BIOflex PVC, developed by Biotech Products. The company states it has developed a patented nontoxic formula that enables complete landfill decomposition within 3 – 5 years.

According to information provided to me by John Sulano of Biotech Products, when in a landfill situation, the carbon and hydrogen content of BIOflex are partly consumed by organisms which release methane from fermentation. Methane is another greenhouse gas, however it can be harvested as an energy source as is currently occuring in well managed landfills.

The chlorine content of BIOflex is partly consumed and partly converted to soluble chloride, which has value as a fertilizer. Soluble chloride has value as fertilizer since it makes soil nitrogen more rapidly available to plants.

The biodegradability of BIOflex has been tested under the ASTM D5526, which is the standard test method for determining anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials under accelerated landfill conditions

BIOflex contains no heavy metals, pesticides, bleaching agents, DOP or similar plasticizers, glycol or carcinogenic coloring agents. Additionally, 80% of the content is derived from sources other than crude oil.

BIOflex is primarily made with fine particle limestone that provides opacity and plasticizers of organic origin that provide its flexibility.

If you’d like more details about the product, here’s the contact details

John Sulano, Jr
BIOtech Products Ltd.
USA: 201-522-1792