Batteries – think green at Christmas

My parents used to brace themselves around this time of the year for the looming costs of buying batteries for the gadgets we’d receive at Christmas. I remember being given a radio controlled Jeep that chewed through a few sets of batteries in the first day and back then, batteries were quite expensive.

While disposable batteries are quite cheap these days, they still impose a heavy toll on on the environment. However, if you do decide to buy disposables, consider buying them from a liquidation store.


Liquidation stores sell products from companies that have gone broke. Basically, the batteries they stock are already in the waste stream. You won’t be creating demand, rather just making more use of something that might prematurely wind up in landfill.

By buying disposables in this way, you are taking business away from well-established companies that continue to produce them. Regardless, if you do buy single use batteries, please dispose of them with the environment in mind.

However, even if you don’t buy disposable batteries in this fashion, someone else is likely to. According to the EPA, Americans purchase close to 3 billion disposable batteries each year! Perhaps consider buying rechargeable batteries instead.

Rechargeable batteries more in regards to initial outlay, but you’ll save a ton of money in the long run and reduce impact on the environment. Rechargeables have an incredible 23 times less potential impact on non-renewable natural resources when compared to disposables.

Hopefully there will come a day when single use batteries are a hazy memory!

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