Aussie Moms Act Against GM Infant Formula

 Here I was thinking that Australians had it good as unlike the USA, foods containing genetically modified materials here must be labeled as such.

That’s not quite true. It seems products can contain up to 1 percent genetically modified material without it needing to be labelled as containing GMO. The other condition is that the GM component must be “unintentionally” added.

It was only brought to my attention today after reading that independent testing commissioned by Greenpeace has found some major infant formulas are what it terms ” contaminated” with genetically modified (GM) organisms. 

Greenpeace makes the point these GM organisms haven’t been proven safe for people to eat, let alone for newborns. 

Since the revelation, groups of concerned mothers have taken action in supermarkets in Melbourne and Sydney to raise awareness and with the goal of keeping genetically modified materials out of baby formula, or at the very least, to ensure formula is labelled as such.

I still find it incredible that even if a food contains less than 1% genetically modified material, it doesn’t need to be labeled. There’s just so much unknown about frankenfoods.

Health issues aside, one of my biggest concerns is these crops escaping out into the wild – and it’s already happened. We are seriously messing with nature here – genetic modification is very different to selective breeding; and even selective breeding has its issues. The other issue is one of companies “owning” a species – a handful of companies controlling the future of food is quite frightening. 

Greenpeace is urging Australians to email the Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, demanding that all GM products be labelled and for moms to take their unused formula back to the supermarket where they bought it and demand a refund. 

You can read more about the situation and the brands Greenpeace says are involved here.