Alternative fuel locator service

A challenge for anyone using alternative fuel is where to fill up, plug in or recharge! A new free locator service for green drivers from Earthcomber launched yesterday providing an easy way for drivers to find alternative fuel stations at nearly 4,000 locations across the USA.

Whether you’re using a cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, or iPhone, you can quickly determine at any point along your journey where the closest alternative fuel location is.

Fuels coverage includes:

* BioDiesel
* E85 (Ethanol)
* LPG (liquified petroleum gas)
* CNG (compressed natural gas)
* Hydrogen
* Electric (stations for recharging electric cars and hybrids)

View the service here

Alternative fuels are listed under the “Transport” menu.

Earthcomber works with regular computers, BlackBerrys, web-enabled cell phones, iPhones, Palm and Windows Mobile devices. It works with or without GPS, allowing people to set their location with an easy on-screen menu.