A royal view on GM crops

I’m not much of a monarchist, in fact I think it’s time Australia became a republic. However, I’ve always admired the grace of Queen Elizabeth II – possibly the last “real” British monarch; but also the poise of Prince Charles. Always seemed a somewhat unflappable fellow and extraordinarily diplomatic.

I was aware Prince Charles wasn’t a fan of GMO (genetically modified organism) crops; but not the degree. In the interview excerpt below on this topic, Prince Charles is the most passionate I’ve ever heard him. In fact, for Prince Charles, it borders on unbridled rage.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to listen, Prince Charles was interviewed by the Telegraph and lashed out at the GM industry, saying it having control over food production “would be the absolute destruction of everything” and it was “unsustainable and a classic way of ensuring there is no food in the future”. The Prince believes “what we should be talking about is food security, not food production” and that to rely on the GM boffins would “cause the biggest disaster environmentally of all time”.

Strong words indeed for the next in line for the throne. Just because Charlie says it’s bad doesn’t mean it is I know; but there’s just something terribly wrong in taking the genes from a totally different species and implanting them in another – but worse still is our increasing tendency to put the future of food into the hands of fewer companies.

Next time you need to buy veggie seeds; please consider heritage and heirloom seeds and help preserve food crop biodiversity. We’ve lost so many species already.