A degree of difference

When it comes to issues relating to global warming, it can sometimes be a challenge to explain to people that just a couple of degrees of temperature increase will make a huge and sometimes disastrous difference to life on earth – without getting into a lengthy conversation that they really aren’t interested in or have time for.

When we’re trying to spread the green message and to let people know about the dangers facing our environment, it’s oftennot our job to convert, but to plant seeds. At times, it’s someone’s else’s role to water, then perhaps yet another’s to nurture that sprouting seed.. and even then, the seed still needs to be viable.

If you should strike situations where people simply don’t understand the crisis the planet is facing in relation to global warming induced climate change and are less than receptive to further discussion; try one/some of these on them and just leave them with it rather than winding up in an argument.

What’s the difference between water that’s boiling and water that’s not?

One degree

What’s difference in temperature between diesel fuel being stable and reaching flash point?

One degree

What’s the difference between a normal temperature and a fever?

One degree

What’s the difference between liquid and frozen water?

One degree

and so on, and so on.. Perhaps you can think of other examples that people can easily understand. If so, please share them below.

OK, so maybe the maths isn’t totally right in some of the above, it’s less than a degree in most cases, but the point you’ll (hopefully) be illustrating is that one degree in temperature change can make a huge difference in so many scenarios. Everything has a tipping point and nature has perfected a fine balance over the eons and it’s not our place to mess with that by creating change in such a short space of time. One degree is pushing our luck, more than that is just asking for trouble.

This is just to leave them something easy to remember to think on – often these sorts of things can work away on a subconscious level and help prise a slammed door open just a fraction in order that a little more light be let through :).


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