6000 trees sponsored!

Last year, I kicked off the Green Living Tips tree planting initiative.

It\’s a pretty simple setup; I pledge to sponsor a tree on behalf of each person who signs up for my free newsletter and through Trees For The Future, I buy “bundles” of 1000 trees to be propagated/planted in developing countries.

It\’s one of those win/win/win/win situations whereby the offer encourages people to sign up for Green Living Tips News (I gain a subscriber), the subscriber gets the warm and fuzzy glow of having been responsible for the sponsoring of a tree , plus all the latest GLT article and blog headlines delivered to their inbox without having to pay a cent; Trees For The Future get much needed funds to continue in their important work and the folks who have the trees planted on their patch of the world get the benefits from reforestation, tools and education they need to care for the trees.

Additionally, each tree helps suck just that little bit more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and helps re-establish cover and biodiversity in damaged and/or drought stricken environments!

I was going over the figures today and it appears we’ve now gone past the 6,000 tree mark; that\’s pretty amazing – so a *huge* thanks to every single one of you who has signed up for the newsletter!

If you haven’t done so as yet – the initiative is still continuing, so join the super-happy-go-fun GLT newsletter list by entering your email address on the right hand side of this page! :). I respect your privacy, and no, you won’t start suddenly getting offers for cheap life insurance hitting your inbox as a result of subscribing. Your email address is used for the Green Living Tips newsletter only.

Important: once you sign up, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription – please don’t forget to click the link in that email, otherwise your name won\t be added to the list

It would be great to notch up another 6,000 trees before the end of the year!