119 climate change skeptic rebuttals

I tend not to bother butting heads these days with skeptics as to whether human-spurred climate change is taking place as its often a no-win argument; one that goes around in circles.

However, if you’re looking for ways to refute the various common claims people repeat that attempt to prove climate change isn’t happening as a result of human activity, this list may interest you.

It’s a summary of 119 (so far) skeptic arguments and what science says. The most useful aspect of the list is the rebuttals aren’t just a short “so there” statement, but also link to evidence to back them.

Be warned though – often these sorts of arguments come down to a “my science is better than yours”. Studies are sometimes countered with other studies saying something different and it becomes a really confusing mess to sort out fact from fiction; or fact from fact for that matter. Scientists are not omniscient, nor immune to alternative agendas and the almighty buck – and that applies on both sides of the fence.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve witnessed debates between scientists on the topic that start out quite civilly, but then degrade into mud-slinging matches – climate change is an issue that just stirs up so much passion. If those guys and gals can’t hold it together on such an important issue, what hope do we, the comparatively uneducated masses, have?

It boils down to this for me – there’s enough to suggest it is happening and that the risks associated with doing nothing are far greater than doing something (see this interesting video on game theory concepts and climate change – it’s not technical and quite entertaining). Most of the reasons I’ve seen for doing nothing about it amount to nothing more than wanting to continue living unsustainable lifestyles.