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Tires, recycling and our planet

March 17th, 2013.

Well over 90% of all tires are made from synthetics – and disposal can be an environmental headache. Even some tire recycling methods are extraordinarily unfriendly to our planet. Learn more about the issues and how you can minimize adding to tire waste (and save some money in the process)

Re-using and recycling egg cartons

March 1st, 2013.

A common household waste item is the egg carton – it’s waste that in many cases doesn’t need to be taking up space in landfill. Pick up some tips for making better use of egg cartons.

Our death and the environment

February 17th, 2013.

Before the final curtain is drawn on our lives, we can make environmentally friendly choices as to how our funeral and burial is to be conducted.

Community Supported Fisheries

February 15th, 2013.

Like community supported agriculture, community supported fisheries could be a way to lessen environmental impact of the fishing industry and better connect people with their food.

Taking Out The Trash (Less Often)

February 9th, 2013.

I’ve significantly cut down the amount of garbage I generate, but I was still putting out the bin each week for collection out of habit – another opportunity to green my life just a tad more.

How to Teach Children to Go Green: 5 Ways to Get a Child “Green Excited”

January 21st, 2013.

5 ways to help children get ‘green excited’ and to become more eco-conscious – contributed by Amber Merton.

Blackout curtains – save energy and carbon emissions

January 10th, 2013.

Whether it’s winter or summer, blackout curtains can help you save cash on cooling and heating bills – and every bit of energy you save means a little less impact on the environment.

An eco-friendly shave

January 1st, 2013.

There’s just no escaping the whole hyperconsumption and excessive waste problem it seems, even when it comes to razors and shaving – or is there?

Green cleaning tips: using denatured alcohol (methylated spirits)

December 26th, 2012.

Denatured alcohol, also commonly known as methylated spirits, can be a more earth friendly alternative to other cleaning products. Pick up some tips.

Truly Eco Friendly Dog Toys?

December 21st, 2012.

We can make playtime a little more environmentally friendly for our furry four legged friends too – but ‘caveat emptor’ (buyer beware) also applies to dog toys; whether they are touted as being green or not.