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Looking for green goods or renewable energy tools and accessories for homeand office? Shop from a selection of eco-friendly businesses and merchants whocare about our planet. Check back regularly for updates

Merchant spotlight 
Green products for your home and office  The Ultimate Green Store provides a collection of many environmentally friendly products for you, your home, office, kids and even your pets! The Ultimate Green Storehas a huge collection of gifts for any occasion. You can create a wish list or custom gift registry for your special event!

Visit The Ultimate Green Store


Cleaning products
Cleaning products - green your home 100% natural ingredients – safe for your family and pets too!

Laundry Detergent – Dishwasher Detergent – Hand Dish Soap – Toilet Bowl -Floor Cleaner – Stain Pen – All-Purpose – Glass & Stainless – Tile &Bath.

All natural great greencleaning products for your home or business!


Everyone’s raving about castile soap!

Castile soap isn’t a brand, but a special kind of soap made from vegetableand essential oils. It can be used in so many ways – around the home, on yourskin, in your hair and for your pets. It’s the super soap that’s also kind tothe planet. Big discounts on the world’s most popular castile soap – Dr.Bronners!


Fair trade gifts and general green goods
Global Exchange is an international human rights organizationdedicated to promoting environmental, political and social justice. They haveand extensive store full of Fair trade gifts that give back. 

The store uses re-used and recycled materials for shipping and is ranked inthe “Top 20 Most Trusted NGOs” by readers of the Wall Street Journal. Coffee andTea, Food, Chocolate, Books, Crafts, Clothing, Jewelry, Gift baskets and more!Sweatshop-free shopping. Visit the Global Exchange Online Store


Peaceful Valley brings environmentally sensitive products intothe mainstream market and helps providing funding for conservation nonprofits

Their online store offers Calendars, Organic Clothing, Bath & Body Care,Bags, Jewelry, Organic Coffee & Tea, Cards, Stationery & Journals, GiftWrap and Gift Certificates. Visit Global Exchange Online Store


Is your home making you sick? Green Nest specializes in organicand allergy-free products. Shop for organic bedding and baby clothing, air andwater quality products and testing, organic mattresses and linens, earthfriendly pest control and pet products.

Green Nest also offers a wide range of non-toxic building products includingpaints, adhesives, finishes, carpets and more! Visit Green Nest


Health and wellbeing
Natural remedies At Native Remedies, you will find the highest quality naturalremedies for your health, professionally formulated. All herbal remedies areproduced under pharmaceutical conditions to ensure the highest degree of potencyand consistency. 

Over 100,000 satisfied customers around the world, and all products arebacked by a one year unconditional money back guarantee Visit Native Remedies

Office products
The folks at The Green Office have a simple goal: to create anoffice products industry where human and ecological health are the solebyproducts of doing business.  

The Green Office offers thousands of products to help you achieve a moreearth friendly office environment. Computer equipment, recycled copy paper andbinders, ink/toner, furnishings, janitorial and breakroom products are allavailable. Visit The Green Office

Carbon Offsetting
Global warming and climate change news For just $2.95 a month, you can help make adifference in the battle against global warming and deforestation. Offset yourcarbon footprint by buying sponsorship for the planting of 5 new trees eachmonth – and you’ll also help a community!

Carbonify is a project of Michael Bloch – owner of Green Living from offering the carbon offset tree planting program, Carbonify alsooffers global warming news, articles, atmospheric carbon dioxide monitoring dataand a handy carbon emissions calculator – Visit

EnergyMatters is a renewable energy  super-store; stocking solar panels, windturbines, deep cycle batteries and so much more. The site also offers freetutorials and calculators!

Green Batteries helps you make an environmentally friendlyrechargeable battery purchase. 

The site provides a stack of helpful battery information, a selection ofNickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries,battery chargers and a satisfaction guarantee – Visit Green Batteries