10% discount on natural and fair trade items for babies and children from Trees and Tots

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Tracy from Trees and Tots:

“My husband and I run a quaint web-based eco-boutique called Trees and Tots in Ontario Canada – we also ship products to the USA and internationally. 
We chose the name of our business as it encompasses what we feel are the two most important things that we care deeply about and want to preserve. 

Trees and Tots was started due to a shortage of and demand/need for safer, chemical free merchandise that parents can purchase for their babies and children in our area.

We are the first and only store to date in south-western Ontario that carries solely organic, natural, safe, eco-friendly and fair trade products. We brought a much needed service to our area and offer safer alternatives in clothing, bedding, blankets, mattresses, toys, games, activities, skin care products, water bottles, dishes and so much more.

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We strive to offer the best customer service and try very hard to give the most accurate descriptions of all of our products so customers know exactly what they are getting, as well as feel safe and comfortable about their choice. 

We carry our personal practices over to our business and always conscious of our actions and its effect on the earth today and tomorrow. We reuse all boxes we receive our orders in to send out to customers and use until unusable before recycling them.

Our slogan is “life is precious – sustain it” which has caught many people’s eyes, as we all do believe the truth behind it and need to be reminded of it sometimes. We have to think tomorrow, preserving the world’s beauty and resources. We are conscious of this and do our little part in causing the least amount of damage as possible to the earth we live on and share. We try to simplify life, don’t over buy things we don’t need and will end up in a landfill and also use all natural or organic products to minimize the chemicals to harm us, the atmosphere, our waterways and/or animals. 

We purchase our products from local artisans and manufacturers as much as possible to keep our carbon footprint lower. To prevent having everything the same as the next store and not standing out as unique, we have brought in a few amazing products to offer customers from around the world. Trees and Tots feels there are some extremely talented artisans and products from other parts of the world as well. This is a way for us to purchase fair trade items and hopefully help support the little guys trying to make a living for their families in some underdeveloped countries.

As well as being a store with unique quality merchandise and a quick secure one page checkout; we offer consumers healthy recipes, insightful blog, informative articles, baby/gift registry, and my rewards points for repeat/loyal customers to earn savings on their future purchases.”

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